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Bradley Union School District seeks to find and serve all student living within it's district boundaries who may have Special Needs and require Special Education.  If you believe you child between the ages of 0 - 21 may have Special Education needs, please contact the District at 805 472 - 2310.


California Education Code 56300:  A local educational agency shall actively and systematically seek out all individuals with exceptional needs, from birth to age 21 years of age, inclusive, including children not enrolled in public school programs, who reside in a school district or are under the jurisdiction of a special education local plan area or a county office of education.



Welcome to Bradley Union School

Bradley School is Open for Enrollment

For the first time in more than 3 years, Bradley School is accepting Interdistrict Transfer Requests.  Bradley School currently has openings for six students in grades 2nd - 6th.  Bradley School is a small, rural,  K - 8th grade school in Southern Monterey County.

Why bring your student to Bradley School?  Some may feel that small schools have disadvantages to larger comprehensive school districts.  That may be true, but at Bradley School we focus on educating the whole child.  Our small, rural, family environment is an excellent place for students to grow and develop.  Bradley School puts all of it's resources where they matter the most, into each students success.


Bradley School only hires highly qualified teachers, uses the best curriculum currently available, has a 1:1 student to computer ratio, uses high quality educational software, and makes teacher quality a top priority.   Typically Bradley houses 80 students in 5 classrooms.  That works out to a student to teacher ratio of 16:1.  Add in three instructional aides and Bradley has a very enviable student to instructional staff ration of 10:1.  


Academics are only one aspect of education.  Bradley School also offers weekly art and music instruction, taught by highly qualified teachers.  Students are given many opportunities to perform at school and in public.  We believe art and music are essential to a well rounded education and performance allows students to develop a belief in their abilities, in their potential, conquer fears, and develop self confidence that will carry them throughout their life.  


Learning a well rounded, broad based curriculum is essential, but nothing teaches students quite as well as experiential learning.  To that end, Bradley students engage in many learning and entertaining field trips.  A typically Bradley student will have 8 - 12 field trips per year, including overnight camps such as Camp KEEP and Catalina Island Marine Institute.  


Bradley School also offers transportation free of charge, athletics, school counseling, and more.  If you believe a small school environment and high quality education are right for your child, give us a call.  You can tour the campus and meet or staff.  If we all feel our school is a good fit, maybe your child will be a Bradley Bulldog.  


Bradley School Board Meetings

The regularly scheduled board meeting for April 2017 has been cancelled.


The next meeting will be held on May 9, 2017 @ 5:30 p.m. in the Bradley School Community Hall.

Science, Art, Music, Dance, Drama, Athletics, Field Trips, Fund Raisers, Presenters, Parent Involvement? Yeah, We Do That Here.

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National School Lunch Application

NSLP application is now online.  If you believe your family may be eligible for free or reduced lunch please follow this link and fill out the application.  

NSLP is confidential and the only way to determine if you qualify is to complete the application.


Absences Cost Our School!

Small-class size, instructional aides, and numerous, fun programs.

These are some of the reasons we love Bradley School.  However, absences for any reason, cost Bradley School potential funding and put these special opportunities at risk.  Please, come to school every day.  If your child needs to be absent, try to come to school to at least pick up school/home work.  If an extended absence for vacation or family emergency is required, please contact us ASAP, as we can provide an Independent Study Contract so that student may have some access to their education and the school is able to reclaim ADA.

PUBLIC NOTICE: Why bottled water at Bradley School?

Bradley School operates it's own water system by use of a well.  Bradley School has had 3 water testing reports over the past 3 years which have exceeded the limit for Nitrates.  Nitrates in water can be harmful if consumed by small children (under 6 months of age.) or by elderly persons.  Therefore, Bradley offers bottled drinking water in every classroom and office and reminds students regularly to not drink the tap water.  We are legally required to post quarterly notices of our water system issues.

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